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The Energy Vampire

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2022-10-02 23:19

Published on 2022-10-03 08:48

The Empath and the Energy Vampire

It is believed that when an empath is around people, they interact with the energy of those people to a degree far beyond compassion. It is not just an observation of their sadness when they see someone in pain; they feel the same pain. 

A certain kind of person can become the root problem of an empath. It's someone who literally can drain them of their lifeblood. These people are known as energy vampires.  

Energy vampires are able to use this kind of individual to their own advantage and detriment. People who are empaths are more likely to put up with their tactics since they possess a high level of compassion and empathy.

It's important to remember that these vampire manipulators are striving for something - control, narcissistic supply, attention, status, the upper hand. Pay no attention to what he or she says. Watch out for the tactic they are using to win. Don't be swayed by their words, but by their behavior.

Don't simply just avoid relationships with energy vampires in the future. Each is not always the same for an empath. And there are various types of empaths. Most are simply highly sensitive to their surroundings and other people's feelings. 

Those called the 'old soul empaths' have lived countless lives and have a heightened frequency of traits such as resourcefulness, self-direction, optimism, and loyalty. Regardless of the type, all empaths are highly sensitive to energy. Humans radiate energy, but empaths radiate a particular type of compassionate and understanding energy that can be utilized by energy vampires. Vampire spirits are drawn to old-soul empaths with super traits because they have a strong sense of self-confidence and energy. Because they believe that everyone is inherently good, these empaths stay with toxic relationships that drain them. 

People who believe in old souls believe that everyone has the ability to change, and therefore they stick with vampires for decades, even as their health and self-confidence decline. 

Without drama, the energy vamps would have to look at the spiritual side of life. However, they are afraid of it. Trauma and drama are quite comfortable and addictive to them.

A vampire always knows how to use sympathy to keep an empath attached. You should notice that all vampires have covert aggression and exploitation for their own advantage. This is all there is to it. 

The Power of No

It is crucial to master the art of declining requests, even if this means hurting other people's feelings. It's like those old drug commercials: Just Say No. 

If your relationship with an energy vampire is at its end, the main objective, then, is to minimize as much as possible human contact. When they hit their maximum dosage and start to criticize you or be negative, they are signaling that they are at their maximal dosage. Quitting is sometimes known as a superpower of the greats.

The Time for Healing

Please remember that as you invest your time and energy in protecting and uplifting yourself, you will be making a significant change in your life. Your hard work will be rewarded, and in the near future, a whole new group of healthy, supportive people will enter your life. Don't be concerned about the present situation. It will pass. You must keep focusing on healing yourself. 

You are special. You put in a lot of effort to help others, and you can fall victim to energy vampires. There is a reason you operate the way you do. There is a reason people turn to you in difficult situations. You are a Lightworker, and you are here to install light and health for the planet. You emit high-frequency healing energy, which is why you are here. You will not feel complete until you are the light you are until you emit high-frequency healing energy. You will not be protected from the people who feed on your energy until you realize who you are. 

When you love yourself first, you stand as the light. Stop believing that you are flawed and that something is wrong with you. Deposit enough self-love into your account to humbly accept your greatness.