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The Worlds of Technology and Magic are Closer than you Think

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2022-10-19 17:04

Published on 2022-10-22 12:40

As the festive season approaches, the world is draped in a blanket of snow and twinkling lights, heralding a time of warmth, joy, and wonder. It's a season where the air is filled with the scent of pine and the sound of cheerful carols, a time when families and friends gather to celebrate and share in the magic of Christmas. It's in this enchanting atmosphere that we find ourselves contemplating the extraordinary realms where reality intertwines with the fantastical. In this article, "The Worlds of Technology and Magic are Closer than you Think," we explore this very intersection, where the marvels of modern technology meet the mystique of magic, revealing that they may not be as distinct as we once believed.

Enchanted Encounters

One day some time ago I passed by my favorite shop, the Emporium of Curious Goods and Antiquities. It's been a popular stop for a long time here in Westford, Massachusetts. Ten years ago, as it turned out, I usually carried my laptop with me much of the time, so I had placed it temporarily on a table next to some nick-nack that resembled a flask of perfume or perhaps it was some kind of lotion inside. Whatever, I went off and explored the shop, thinking about the holidays and all the gifts I could purchase for that special day.

Once done, I gathered all the gifts and my laptop and carried everything back home. I had this amazing feeling of satisfaction that I had completed something good that day.

I felt that I needed to delete stuff in my Downloads folder before bedtime because all the junk in there was becoming a nightmare. I lifted the top lid of my laptop and it unexpectedly lit up into a mysterious glow for just a second. Heck, I thought it meant absolutely nothing back then. I performed the needful tasks, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

The next morning it felt like it was the beginning of perpetual winter outside. Every front porch was decorated with garland and holiday wreaths. I thought, doing too much of Christmas can get you a lawsuit like Mariah Carey.

When a Laptop Ignites a World of Wonders

But suddenly miraculous things began to happen. I swear on a stack of bibles. Going back to my laptop, writing things in my word processor somehow eventually became true as I wrote them. The laptop became something magical like a glowing microchip orb. I wrote:

Wait for just a minute, didn't we all see this coming? It is said that by 2030, there will be exponential improvements in computer processing power, voice recognition, image recognition, deep learning, and other software algorithms. 

It's because the worlds of technology and magic are closer than you think. Scientists today commune with the unknown and bring to us many advancements in the process. Our everyday objects such as a phone or laptops are seen as physical extensions of our inner selves.


Technology is the magic of our time. It has created a whole new world that we can't even imagine. It has made us more aware of our surroundings, more connected to people around the world, and more open-minded about different lifestyles. When technology does something new people often say it’s magic.

Thanks, Mariah, the snow's comin' down. Pretty lights are on the tree. Those spirits of the holidays are upon us, and they've got me humming. But if I start singing now, much like black magic, that too will become illegal.

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