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Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2023-03-12 22:59

Published on 2023-03-15 09:55

Habits are the building blocks of our lives. Good habits help us achieve our goals, maintain our health and wellbeing, and live fulfilling lives, while bad habits can hold us back, cause harm to ourselves and others, and lead to negative consequences. Building good habits and breaking bad ones is essential for personal growth and development. Let’s dive into strategies for building good habits and breaking bad ones with some situational examples.

Understanding Habits

Meet Peter. Peter is a writer who wants to improve his productivity by developing a habit of writing every day. He learned that habits are actions that we perform repeatedly, often subconsciously. He began his journey by understanding the habit loop. He identified the cue, which was sitting in front of his laptop, the routine, which was procrastinating on social media, and the reward, which was a feeling of temporary relief from the pressure of writing. Understanding the habit loop allowed Peter to identify the behaviors he needed to change to develop his writing habit.

Identifying Good and Bad Habits

Meet Sarah. Sarah is a college student who wants to improve her study habits. She learned that good habits are those that lead to positive outcomes, such as exercise, healthy eating, and good sleep hygiene. Bad habits are those that lead to negative outcomes, such as procrastination, binge-watching TV, and spending too much time on social media. Sarah identified her personal good and bad habits and assessed their impact on her life. She realized that her bad habits were hindering her academic performance and causing her stress and anxiety.

Strategies for Building Good Habits

Meet Alex. Alex is a fitness enthusiast who wants to develop a habit of working out in the morning. He learned that to build a good habit, he needed to set achievable goals, create a routine, start small and gradually increase, find accountability partners, and celebrate progress. Alex started by setting a goal to work out for 30 minutes every morning before work. He created a routine that incorporated his workout into his morning routine. He started with small exercises and gradually increased his efforts over time. He found a workout buddy who motivated him to stick to his habit. He celebrated his progress by tracking his workouts and rewarding himself with a healthy breakfast after every workout.

Strategies for Breaking Bad Habits

Meet Emily. Emily is a smoker who wants to quit smoking. She learned that to break a bad habit, she needed to identify triggers, develop alternate actions, find replacements, create a new environment, and seek help. Emily identified that her triggers were stress and boredom. She developed alternate actions, such as deep breathing exercises and drinking water, to replace her smoking habit. She found a healthier replacement, such as chewing gum or eating a piece of fruit, for her smoking habit. She created a new environment by avoiding situations that triggered her smoking habit. Emily also sought professional help, such as counseling and nicotine replacement therapy, to aid her in quitting smoking.

Staying on Track

Meet Mark. Mark is an entrepreneur who wants to build a habit of waking up early. He learned that to stay on track, he needed to monitor progress, identify challenges and obstacles, overcome setbacks, celebrate successes, and make habit-building a lifelong commitment. Mark tracked his progress by keeping a habit tracker and journal to document his efforts. He identified that his challenge was his inability to fall asleep early. Mark overcame his setback by creating a sleep routine that incorporated relaxation techniques and avoiding electronic devices before bedtime. He celebrated his successes by rewarding himself with his favorite breakfast after every successful week. Mark made habit-building a lifelong commitment by continuing to work on his habit and setting new goals.


Building good habits and breaking bad ones is essential for personal growth and development. By understanding the habit loop, identifying good and bad habits, and using effective strategies, we can build new habits and break old ones. It is important to remember that building good habits and breaking bad ones is a journey that requires patience, discipline, and perseverance. While it may be challenging at first, the benefits of a positive change will be worth the effort in the long run.

Whether it's developing a habit of daily exercise, quitting smoking, or waking up early, building good habits and breaking bad ones can improve our quality of life, increase our productivity, and help us achieve our goals. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, we can make meaningful progress towards building the habits we desire and breaking the ones that no longer serve us.

In conclusion, remember that building good habits and breaking bad ones is a lifelong commitment that requires consistency and dedication. So let’s take the first step towards positive change today and start building the habits that will help us live our best lives.

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