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Mermaids in Technology Are a Best-Kept Secret

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2023-06-06 12:49

Published on 2023-06-06 13:25

Mermaids, those legendary half-human, half-fish creatures, have fascinated humans for centuries. It is often associated with mystery, allure, and uncharted ocean expanses. In an unexpected juxtaposition, mermaids have found an intriguing place in technology. You're probably thinking, "Wait, did my digital assistant turn into Ariel?" Not quite. Stay with me, and let's navigate these uncharted waters together.

The Evolution of Technology

The journey of technology resembles the thrilling tales of seafarers venturing into the unknown. We started with simple machines, charted our course through industrial machinery, docked at the shores of the digital revolution, and now find ourselves adrift in the expansive ocean of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more.

Most people perceive technology as a smartphone, a social media app, or maybe a stubborn printer. It's similar to seeing the ocean and thinking it's all about the waves and the surf. However, much like the ocean, the most fascinating parts of technology lie beneath the surface. That's where we find our tech mermaids, deep and often out of sight.

The Mermaids in Technology: Deep Tech

Deep tech is akin to those mythical creatures of the deep sea. It encompasses quantum computing, advanced AI, cutting-edge biotech, and other technologies that don't necessarily sit in the palm of your hand. Deep tech is behind the scenes, underpinning the apps, devices, and platforms we use every day. Yet, for many, it remains as elusive and misunderstood as mermaids themselves.

Take quantum computing, for example. Remember that time when your friend tried explaining quantum physics at a party, and it sounded like he was narrating a sci-fi novel in an alien language? That's the feeling most people get with quantum computing, a deep tech field that could revolutionize everything from climate modeling to drug discovery.

The Mermaids in Technology: Hidden Innovators

Another species of mermaids in technology is the hidden innovators—those brilliant minds that stay under the radar. These are the people doing groundbreaking work but, due to factors like geography, gender, or just plain old lack of marketing savvy, they often go unnoticed.

Take Dr. Gladys West, for example. Ever heard of her? Probably not. Yet, she was instrumental in developing the mathematics behind GPS. You know, the technology that ensures your pizza delivery arrives at your house and not in the middle of a park. It took years for Dr. West's contribution to be recognized, a common story among our hidden innovators.

The Mermaids in Technology: Untapped Potential and Possibilities

Like the undiscovered depths of the ocean, there's a vast world of untapped potential in technology. New fields and applications are waiting to be discovered. They're the tech version of Atlantis—rumored to exist, full of potential, and just waiting for us to take the plunge.

Remember the time when a touch-screen phone seemed like a far-fetched idea? And now, we have tech giants literally folding screens like origami. What other innovations are waiting for us in the uncharted waters of technology?

Understanding and Unveiling the 'Mermaids': The Key to Progress

To navigate the ocean, you need more than just a ship; you need maps, compasses, and knowledge of the stars. Similarly, to understand and unveil the 'mermaids' in technology, we need investment in education, research & development, and diversity in tech.

It's like giving everyone a pair of goggles to see under the water. It can help us understand the intricate dance of binary codes, shed light on the fascinating world of nanotechnology, and appreciate the symphony of algorithms that keep our world humming along. Imagine the wonders we could uncover. Maybe one day, we'll even have holographic mermaids for digital assistants. Who knows?

Consider the story of Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century mathematician. Despite the gender biases of her time, she wrote instructions for the first computer program long before a computer existed. Lovelace was a pioneer in her field, a 'mermaid' who saw the potential of technology that others couldn't. It’s time we equip more people with the goggles to spot these 'mermaids' early on.


In technology, we live in an ocean filled with mermaids - intriguing, but elusive aspects that remain largely unexplored. They are the mysterious creatures of deep tech, the unrecognized innovators, and the untapped potential that could redefine our future.

Discovering these mermaids is no easy feat. It requires diving deep, beyond the shiny gadgets and trendy apps, into the complex waters of binary and qubits. But the treasures awaiting are worth the effort — they are the keys to a future as fascinating as a mermaid's tale.

So, let's embark on this journey together, diving into the technological depths, exploring the uncharted territories, and seeking our mermaids. Who knows what mysteries we'll unravel? After all, every great adventure starts with a splash!

In the words of a famous fish, "Just keep swimming." Or in our case, just keep scrolling, clicking, coding, and inventing. The mermaids of technology are waiting to be discovered. They are our best-kept secret, our hidden treasure, and perhaps, the very essence of the next big wave in technology.

A Disney remake of "The Little Mermaid" is now in theaters, serving up the magic of curiosity and the potential of the unknown.

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