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What If Josephine Baker Became President?

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2022-10-12 17:13

Published on 2022-10-14 08:52

Josephine Baker was an outspoken woman with a strong sense of social justice. She also had a relentless work ethic and a willingness to support charity efforts with her time, attention, and money. In fact, there isn’t much that Baker wouldn’t do for the public good. And so, this article poses the question: What if Josephine Baker Became President? Would she use her position to help others as much as possible? Or would she focus on policies and procedures instead?

Baker’s Social Activism and Beliefs

At the root of Josephine Baker’s social activism were her beliefs about equality. She believed that all people, regardless of race or gender, should have the same rights and opportunities. She also believed that people should treat others with kindness and respect. For instance, she hoped to give children everywhere better opportunities for education. She also hoped to eliminate child labor, especially child labor that took kids away from school. She believed that every child should have the chance to become educated and successful. Baker also hoped to improve the rights of women. She hoped to give women more opportunities to succeed in the workforce. She also hoped to give them better pay and more options for maternity leave and other benefits. She hoped that all women might have the same opportunities as men.

Changes to Make the White House More Inclusive

To make the White House more inclusive and welcoming, Josephine Baker would need to make a few changes. First, she’d need to replace the seal with a new design. Although the eagle and shield remain, they are now on a shield shaped like a sunflower. Baker chose the sunflower because it’s a symbol of both America and the African-American people. She also changed the motto, “E pluribus unum” to “Out of many, a people.” The new motto reflects Baker’s belief in equality. Baker also made changes to the interior of the White House. She removed the racist portrait of Andrew Jackson from the wall. She also removed the bust of Abraham Lincoln from the main hallway. She displayed the bust in the East Wing instead. She said that Lincoln deserved a place of honor. She said that the portrait of Jackson deserved nothing.


Baker was passionate about civil rights and voting rights, but she was also supportive of LGBTQ rights. And so, if elected, she would almost certainly push for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would guarantee that the rights of all people are protected equally under the law regardless of gender. In fact, if Baker were elected in the 1930s, it’s likely that the ERA would have passed more than a decade earlier than it did. Baker also would have pushed for an increase in LGBTQ-inclusive social services as well as anti-discrimination measures. As president, she would have also used her position to speak out against LGBTQ discrimination, hate crimes, and other social injustices.

A New Focus on Equality

If Josephine Baker became president, she’d place a strong emphasis on equality. She would press for laws and policies that treated everyone fairly. She would also work to eliminate policies and laws that created inequality. She would push for a living wage and better benefits for all workers. She would also work to expand workers’ rights, such as the right to unionize. She would also push for better healthcare. She would want all people, no matter their job or income level, to have access to health insurance. She would also focus on equality in access to education. She would push for all kids to have access to a high-quality education. She would also push for more affordable higher education. She would want more people to have the chance to earn a college degree.

Changes in Racial Policies and Practices

If Josephine Baker became president, she’d also look to change racial policies and practices. She would seek legislation to end discrimination against people of all races. She would also push to end racial profiling by police. She would also work to create more positive public attitudes toward people of different races. She would work to improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. She would also work to improve the way the government treats Indigenous peoples. She would look for ways to make sure that Indigenous people have the same rights as other people. In addition, she would create a new holiday. She would call it the Day of Inclusivity. She would make this day a time for people to reflect on ways to make our society more inclusive. She would also make the day a time for people to celebrate the diversity of our people.

A Push for Women’s Rights

If Josephine Baker became president, she would also make a push for women’s rights. She would seek policies that promote more women in government, business, and other important fields. She would also work to help women achieve equality in pay and other benefits. She would also work to improve women’s access to healthcare. She would make sure that women have access to reproductive healthcare, such as birth control and abortion. She would also work to make sure that babies have access to healthcare, such as vaccinations and health screenings.


In many ways, Josephine Baker is the perfect person to become president. She’s an outspoken advocate for equality and social justice. She’s also a tireless worker who would put in the long hours required of a president. Josephine Baker is also a natural diplomat. She has the ability to work with people of all races and religions. She also has a way of bringing people together. And, of course, Josephine Baker is a true American icon who would make an excellent president. She is a successful businesswoman and entertainer. She has also given her time and attention to charity. No one knows what the future holds. But if Josephine Baker became president, she would do a great deal of good for our society.

Josephine Baker escaped from the pervasiveness of American racism and its violence and moved to Paris, then a symbol of everything from freedom of thought to sexuality. She passed away on April 12, 1975.

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