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Stranger Things: The Signs You're a Dingus Like Steve Harrington

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2022-11-23 17:53

Published on 2022-12-02 09:52

Steve from "Stranger Things" is the ultimate dingus. But why? Well, let's see... he’s got a mullet, hangs out with teenage boys, is obsessed with his mom, and loves to make dumb jokes. But seriously, what do all dinguses have in common? They’re self-centered twits who are often oblivious to other people’s feelings (and sometimes even their existence). Dinguses like Steve don’t really understand how they come across to others and often think they are much more important than they actually are. So if you relate to Steve Harrington and you're reading this right now probably because you know it's true. Here are some telltale signs that you're also a dingus.

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You’re obsessed with your hair and appearance.

Look, we get that you love your hair. But it's a little strange that you and your hair are so close. Hair is just a thing you have on your head and it's not like you can see it or interact with it, so why do you spend so much time and money on it? And why do you insist on making sure everyone else knows how much you love it? You even offer to brush the hair of your female friends and love interests! Dinguses love to show off their hair and will find any opportunity to do so. Steve from "Stranger Things" is obsessed with his hair. He even has a special way of combing it and always ensures it looks great.

You only care about yourself.

This is a classic sign of a dingus. You just don’t care about anyone other than yourself. In fact, you’re the only one you care about. You don’t even care if your friends and family aren’t having the best time hanging out with you, let alone if they’re having a good time. If they aren’t having a good time, then you’re having a bad time. You’re always the one in charge and you always have to have things go a certain way. This can sometimes be seen as a good trait, but in the case of a dingus, it’s just selfishness. Steve from "Stranger Things" only cares about himself. It doesn’t matter if his friends are having a bad time hanging out with him, he’s the one who’s in charge, and everything has to go the way he wants it to. His friends even say at one point that he thinks he’s better than everyone else just because he’s the captain of the football team. Dinguses don’t care about anyone but themselves.

You love to make dumb jokes… a lot.

Dinguses love to make dumb jokes. They love to crack themselves up, but the problem is they just can’t stop. They love to make jokes at other people’s expense, but they never manage to be funny. Steve from "Stranger Things" loves to make dumb jokes. They’re not even jokes, they’re just dumb comments about how one of his friends looks, or even about how the person he’s talking to is ugly or has a big nose. Dinguses love to make stupid jokes. They’re not even trying to be funny, but they think their stupid comments are hilarious.

You constantly talk about your mom.

Dinguses love to talk about their moms. They constantly speak about what their moms are doing, what they’re making for dinner, and how they just can’t wait to go home and see their moms. Steve from "Stranger Things" loves to talk about his mom. Even though he lives with his mom and his mom is always home, he constantly talks about what his mom is making for dinner, and how he just can’t wait to go home and see his mom again. Dinguses love to talk about their moms. They’re not shy about it either and will talk about how much they love their moms whenever they can.

Your fashion sense is questionable at best.

Dinguses love to make sure their look is on point. They love to wear basketball shorts even though they’ve never played basketball, or they might wear a football helmet when they’ve never played football. Steve from "Stranger Things" loves to wear a stupid hat that he says makes him look like a “sexy Viking.” Dinguses love to make sure their look is on point. They want everyone to know how cool and stylish they are, even though they’re not. They love to wear silly things that don’t go together and don’t look good. Middle school boys are a prime example of this. They might wear Hawaiian shirts with cargo shorts, or they might wear matching shirts with their initials on the back.

The only thing you care about is winning.

Dinguses love to win and they don’t care what they have to do to win a game or a competition. A dingus will cheat, sabotage other people, and do anything just to win. Steve from "Stranger Things" loves to win. He will cheat, sabotage other people, and do anything just to win. This is why he ends up getting kicked out of the group. He was just too much of a dingus to handle. Dinguses love to win. It doesn’t matter what the game is or how they have to win, they just have to win.

Your computer is so 80’s.

The computers in the ’80s did not have internet access. So if you were a dingus, you had to wait to see your friends until the next day at school or try to convince your parents to let you go to their house. Dinguses are impatient and want to hang out with their friends all the time. Steve from "Stranger Things" is impatient and wants to always see his friends. He even tries to convince his mom to let him go to Dustin’s house, but his mom says no because she knows how dinguses aren’t always the cleanest people.


If you relate to Steve from "Stranger Things" or any of the other dinguses above, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Most boys (and some girls) are dinguses, and that’s okay! Just try not to be so annoying to the people around you.

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