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Sexfluencers and The City

Written By Michael Ferrara

Created on 2023-01-11 14:04

Published on 2023-01-11 16:06

Sex work may offer the ultimate career path in terms of financial potential and personal growth. With internet sites like OnlyFans, which blurs the lines between influencers and sex workers, it's becoming the ultimate trend and fascination.

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What Exactly is Sex Work?

Sex work involves using certain conventions including street prostitution, soliciting online, webcams, stripping, and sugaring. Or, it can be simply sharing your sexual knowledge and confidence with others, through social or traditional media. The work is said to be stressful, draining, and awful at times but it can also be fulfilling, fun, uplifting and most critically it pays the bills. The COVID-19 pandemic left many people at home substituting computer screens for intimacy. And this gave rise to platforms that merge sex work and social media, vanilla content creators turning to sex, in all its myriad forms, as a side hustle.

Is Listing Sex Work on your Resume Possible?

Many current sex workers who have been arrested have difficulty leaving sex work due to background checks that employers may run on applicants, so they may likely be unable to get different employment. Individuals have a more difficult time disclosing voluntary involvement when that means outing themselves as having broken the law. Whether your workplace is in front of the webcam or within a certain four-block industrial stretch in East New York, Brooklyn, the path to legalization is needed.

The Benefits of Legalizing Prostitution

The benefits of legalizing prostitution include improved safety for sex workers, increased access to health care, protection from discrimination and exploitation, and improved workplace protections such as minimum wage and freedom from discrimination. Legalizing prostitution would also reduce sex trafficking and reduce violent crime since the criminal prosecution of sex work would be removed. Decriminalizing sex work would also maximize sex workers' legal protection and their ability to exercise other key rights, including justice and health care. Finally, legalizing prostitution would provide increased tax revenue and reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

In certain large cities, there’s currently little incentive for police to make arrests for prostitution, and if they do, will target the customers that create the demand for commercial sex.

The Physical and Mental Demands and the Need for Self-Care

The physical demands of being a worker also mean taking care of yourself in new ways that may not be intuitive. The meticulous self-care methods of sex workers, including icing bruised knees and carrying pepper spray, contribute to the fact that sex work is, in fact, a job. Also, expect a lot of unreciprocated emotional labor that may become unsustainable.

What Improved Safety for Sex Workers is Available?


Certain pillars of the community, the doctors, the lawyers, the accountants, the business people — have driven demand for sex workers. There will be enough people doing it - making money from those who worship them while avoiding the potentially awkward, messy, or, above all, the risky reality of having sex with another person - that it starts to seem like the American dream.

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